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A.S. Byatt: “I’m terrified of accidentally tweeting.”

I stumbled across this interview that The Guardian did with A.S. Byatt a few years ago.

In much of the interview, she discusses the difficulties of communicating reality when reality is, more often than not, filled with the mundane. Within that discussion, she talks about the blogosphere, Facebook, and Twitter, and I find some of this fascinating because her mindset is so foreign to me.

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Hey! Connect With Me On Social Media! Marketing!

Warning: Blatant marketing to follow.

This is a terrible post because it’s a marketing post. But a guy’s got to market every now and then, right? So I figure if I downplay the marketing and get all self-deprecating about how marketing sucks, even though I’m doing it, that you might like this post better. But isn’t that a marketing tactic in itself? Yeah, I guess so.


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The Twitter and The Email and The RSS

Look, I could’ve attempted to lure you into this post with a catchy and bold title. But I’ll be honest and upfront–today’s post is all about the marketing. Shameless.

Shameless Marketing Point #1: A few days ago, I did something that, three months ago, I would’ve never ever thought I would have done…I joined Twitter. Yes, I’m a Twitter twit.

This sounds so narcissistic, but you can “follow me” on Twitter at: robertbruce76. I’ll keep it mostly about books and the blog with maybe a little running, cooking, and food stuff thrown in. I might talk about my day job a little, too.

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