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You Can Own The House Where Fitzgerald Wrote Gatsby

In the housing market? Live near New York City? Have a spare $3.8 million?

If that’s you, then you could be the owner of the house where F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby.

The Fitzgeralds rented the house, located in Great Neck just outside New York City, for two years in the early 1920s. He started writing the manuscript while living there and finished the novel when they moved to France.

The beautiful home has 7 bedrooms and 6.5 baths.

Can you imagine? Sitting under the same roof that Fitzgerald once wrote Gatsby? Well, for 3.8 million, you can do just that!

Anybody willing to loan me a little cash?

A few more photos of the house below. You can see all the photos over at Zillow.

Images via Zillow.


The First 80: A Look Back

I’ve already explained my rankings for the first 80 novels to you, but today I want to hand out a few awards to the novels that have left a mark on me, for better or worse.

Here’s how I break down the good and the bad from the first 80: Read more

What’s Your Rules On Spoilers?

Back when the new Great Gatsby movie was coming out, I wrote a post with a story about a friend who complained when I ruined the plot for him.

Basically, as I was talking about the movie, I mentioned that Gatsby died. My friend had never seen the movie, nor read the book, so this was all news to him. He jokingly accused me of “spoiling” the plot.

So in that old post, I asked whether or not there’s a statute of limitations on spoiler alerts. I mean, after a novel’s been out 90 years, can’t we stop dancing around spoilers? Read more

20 Reasons The Great Gatsby Is The Best Novel Ever

You guys know I love The Great Gatsby. It’s my favorite novel, and it currently sits #1 out of the 76 novels I’ve read during this project so far.

But I haven’t talked about the novel in a really long time, like two weeks maybe. So I thought I’d break down why Gatsby is so awesome in a fun Friday listicle.

Let’s go! So why is The Great Gatsby the greatest novel ever? Read more

Literary Fun With Google Translate, Part 2

Let’s have a little fun with Google Translate again.

We tried this a few months ago with mild success, so I thought I’d give it another go.

Basically, I just take famous passages from literature, then kick them through a gauntlet of 5 to 10 languages and spit them back out in English. Then we see what we’ve got.

Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’s weird. Sometimes it’s fairly similar to the original.

And off we go: Read more

Do You Lie About Reading Books?

Ever lied about reading a book? Of course you have.

Buzzfeed published a pretty entertaining quiz that gives you a good luck on how often we lie about reading certain books.

I gave it a whirl and thought I’d share some of the results with you. Read more

7 Bad Dating Tips From Literature

When I was single, I hated dating—which is probably why I didn’t do much of it. There are so many unspoken rules, and girls play games, and it’s enough to make you want to become a celibate monk. Okay, it’s not quite that bad.

Fortunately, I was lucky enough to find the right girl, and the rest is history.

But even though my “game” probably sucked, I knew some common rules of dating. I mean, the really, really basic do’s and don’ts.

The same can’t be said for some of these characters from literature. These guys and girls really knew how to screw up some relationships.

Here’s the type of advice they might give you based on their stories. Read more

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