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A.S. Byatt: “I’m terrified of accidentally tweeting.”

I stumbled across this interview that The Guardian did with A.S. Byatt a few years ago.

In much of the interview, she discusses the difficulties of communicating reality when reality is, more often than not, filled with the mundane. Within that discussion, she talks about the blogosphere, Facebook, and Twitter, and I find some of this fascinating because her mindset is so foreign to me.

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Henry Green Says Social Media Is Cool

Maybe. I might have a liberal interpretation, but you be the judge.

You guys know I’m a big fan of the Art of Fiction Paris Review interviews. We’ve focused on a few in the past with EM Forster, Robert Penn Warren, Vladimir Nabokov, Evelyn Waugh, and Ralph Ellison.

The interview with Henry Green is really intriguing. In fact, I’ll probably make a couple of posts out of it.

I love what Green had to say about how developing technology affects the written word. Keep in mind, this interview was conducted in 1958, long before blogging and social media. Long before television sitcoms really blew up. Long before authors began to adapt their stories into all kinds of new media.

At the time, films and TV were the issue.

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Give Slice Bookshelf A Whirl & Win A $50 Gift Card!

Another Friday, and another contest!

Last week, I loved giving away 5 signed copies of my friend Jon Acuff’s new book, Start.

Today, my friends at Slice Bookshelf are giving you the chance to win a $50 gift card to a bookstore of your choice (provided the gift card can be purchased online).

All you have to do is give Slice Bookshelf a whirl. So what exactly is Slice Bookshelf?

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Hey! Connect With Me On Social Media! Marketing!

Warning: Blatant marketing to follow.

This is a terrible post because it’s a marketing post. But a guy’s got to market every now and then, right? So I figure if I downplay the marketing and get all self-deprecating about how marketing sucks, even though I’m doing it, that you might like this post better. But isn’t that a marketing tactic in itself? Yeah, I guess so.


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