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A Film About David Foster Wallace Is Coming

I’m quite intrigued by this.

A film about David Foster Wallace is on the way, and will release in theaters on July 31. The movie stars Jason Segel as David Foster Wallace and Jesse Eisenberg as David Lipsky.

It’s based on Lipsky’s 2010 book, Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself, which followed Lipsky and DFW on a five-day road trip right after Infinite Jest blew up and became a huge success.  Read more


What’s Your Favorite Christmas Movie?

With today’s Monday Question, let’s take the focus off books and talk about movies.

So what’s your favorite Christmas movie?

So many to choose from, right?

You’ve got Elf, A Christmas Story, Miracle on 54th Street, White Christmas, It’s A Wonderful Life, Christmas Vacation, and hundreds of others. Read more

Star Wars: Retribution

Did you hear the one about the college football player who made the Star Wars fan film?

That football player is wide receiver Chris Conley from the Georgia Bulldogs (Go Dawgs! by the way). As an obsessive UGA football fan, I’ve watched Conley play over the last few years. Not only is he a dependable, smart football player, it also appears like he might have a future in film making, if not the NFL.

Stars Wars: Retribution is set in Athens, Georgia. Conley premiered the trailer recently, with a little promotional help from head coach Mark Richt. The movie will release later this year.  All in all, this is a pretty amazing piece of work by a junior in college. Read more

Here’s Your Chance To Be In A Film About Hemingway

Here’s your chance to be in the pictures.

Casting for a movie about Ernest Hemingway is about to get underway in Miami and Los Angeles. According to Project Casting, Anthony Hopkins has been rumored to play Hemingway.

What type of roles are they casting for?

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Made-For-TV Movies Don’t Always Suck

I don’t watch a lot of movies. I want to say it’s just a season of life I’m going through, but I don’t think I’ve really been a huge movie watcher since high school.

I don’t avoid them, and don’t dislike movies, but I just don’t feel compelled to watch too many. In the last year, I’ve watched maybe 6 or 7 movies in the theater—and two of them (Planes and The Lego Movie) were with my 3-year-old.

So if I watch that few feature films, I can say with absolute certainty I have no idea the last time I watched a made-for-television movie.

Don’t they usually suck?

I don’t know. What I do know is that horribly long lead-in was meant to introduce the made-for-television version of Their Eyes Were Watching God. The film aired on ABC and was produced by Oprah Winfrey.

Halle Berry played the female protagonist, Janie Crawford. Now I get that Zora Neale Hurston describes Janie Crawford as an attractive woman in the novel, but Halle Berry’s level of attractiveness? I didn’t have that in mind. Wow.

So to recap today’s post:

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Kirk Douglas, Meet Lorne Guyland

I misspoke (miswrote?) in my preview of Money last week.

In the post, I said that the character of Lorne Guyland in Money was based on Kirk Douglas, who later would actually play Lorne Guyland in the movie adaptation of Money.

That’s incorrect, at least the second part.

There hasn’t been a film version of Money, unless you include the BBC adaptation. Lorne Guyland was based on Kirk Douglas, that’s true. But that connection came from Martin Amis’s experience working with Douglas when he was writing the screenplay for the movie Saturn 3.

This comes from an interview with Martin Amis by The Independent:

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Philip K. Dick & His Many Sci-Fi Films

Philip K. Dick might have believed he was Elijah, and he might have believed he was the disciple Thomas, and he might have believed he could communicate with a pink beam of light—yes, he was a little “out there”—but there’s no disputing that the man was the Energizer Bunny of science fiction writing.

When he died at age 53 in 1982, Dick had written 44 published novels and 121 short stories. What might be even more impressive than that was the amount of Dick’s novels that were turned into feature films. Of course, he didn’t write the screenplays, but his novels were the basis of many productions in Hollywood.

Here’s the list of movies based on Dick novels, from Wikipedia:

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