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The Book That Takes Forever…

I started reading Midnight’s Children on August 19. That was two months ago!

I believe this might have been the longest period of time I’ve taken to read one novel since I started the blog.

For whatever reason, this novel is taking me forever to read. Usually I would blame that on my dislike for the book, but that’s not the case with Midnight’s Children.

I actually like the novel, but I’ve just been reading it in small doses. The good news is that I only have about 20 pages left. So I’ll definitely finish it up this week and plan on posting my review early next week.

My slow pace with this one leads me to ask you guys this question: What’s the longest you’ve ever taken to read one novel?


Will You Read The New Harper Lee Novel?

I made this novel such a priority to read that I paused the Time list in order to read it.

I figure this might be the only other novel I’ll ever read from Harper Lee, so I don’t want to miss this opportunity.

But I understand why some people refuse to read Go Set A WatchmanTo Kill A Mockingbird was perfection…why mess with perfection? And was Harper Lee taken advantage of in order to get this novel published? And if it’s not a true sequel–Watchman was originally the first draft of TKAM–then what’s the point in reading it anyway?

I get all that. But let’s just say curiosity is getting the better of me on this one. So, as you know, I’ll be reading Go Set A Watchman and blogging about it–just as if it was another novel on the list.

But I want to know about you guys. Will you be reading Go Set A Watchman? Why or why not?

Who’s Your Favorite Superhero?

In light of my scathing critique of superhero movies on Friday, I thought I’d lighten the mood and let some of you superhero fans speak out.

I want to hear about your favorite superhero–or superhero film–and why you like them. I would especially love to hear from you if your favorite superhero is Aquaman or Robin. You must explain.

For me, maybe it’s a technicality, but my I don’t have a favorite superhero. Batman is my favorite, and he doesn’t have superpowers, right? So he’s not a “superhero,” is he?

I’m sure there’s many an obscure superhero I’ve never heard of, so enlighten me.


What’s The Funniest Novel You’ve Ever Read?

As I’m reading through the early chapters of White Teeth, I’m reminded of how much fun it is to read a well-written, humorous novel. This one is pretty amazing.

Looking back on the first 80 novels, there hasn’t been too many books that would fit into that category, so this is a nice change of pace.

I thought The Sot Weed Factor was pretty funny. But if I had to pick the funniest novel I’ve ever read, I’d have to go with Catch 22. Such a great book. I’ve currently ranked it 7th out of the first 80 novels, and for good reason. Read more

Who’s Your Most Hated Fictional Character?

Wednesday is Tax Day here in the United States. April 15. It’s a dreadful day.

Having paid my taxes yesterday, I’m reminded of how much disdain I have for the IRS.

If the IRS were a character in a novel (and I guess they kind of were in the Pale King by David Foster Wallace), I would despise them more than any other character in the history of fictional characters.  Read more

At What Point Do You Quit On A Novel?

I touched on this last Thursday in regards to Naked Lunch.

I’m about halfway through the novel now, so I’m thinking I can force myself through the final 100 pages. But I came THIS close to tossing it out my car window a few days ago. THIS close.

I’ll give you a little more detail about the novel in tomorrow’s post. Today, I just want to focus on this question: How long should you read a novel before deciding to give it up?

Seems like everyone has a different standard. I’ve heard everything from… Read more

Snowed-In Cabin Or Sunny Beach?

I love reading on the beach.

With two boys under 5, I don’t get many opportunities when we go on vacation, but reading in a lounge chair, under and umbrella, sipping on a nice beverage—that’s probably my favorite reading destination.

But with the snow and ice we’ve had here lately, I may have to reconsider. Although we don’t live in a cabin, reading next to a window and watching snow fall to the ground is a pretty amazing experience.

What do you think?

Read more

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