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The Lord of the Rings Mythology In 5 Minutes

Have you ever felt a little confused about The Lord of the Rings mythology—like how many rings are there and how they were created?

This clever video does an excellent job explaining how “the one ring that ruled them all” came to be, all in 5 minutes.


Samwise’s Stirring Speech

This is one of my favorite scenes from the three Lord of the Rings movies. This one comes from The Two Towers, and I know it has a little Hollywood screenwriting trickery here.

Though a good portion of Sam’s speech does actually appear in the novel, this particular scene does not. In fact, Sam’s monologue about stories happens in Shelob’s cave–correct me if I’m wrong.

But, still, it’s such a great scene. And a lot of the dialogue is actually in the book.

Such a great, great film. Enjoy this classic scene from The Two Towers. Read more

Here’s Minas Tirith, Made Out of Toothpicks

Again, another example of fandom at a whole new level. Lord of the Rings fans are incredible.

In the photo to the left, you see what Minas Tirith (the capital of Gondor) looked like in the Lord of the Rings films.


In the photo below you’ll see a replica of Minas Tirith, created entirely with toothpicks.

Toothpicks. Read more

The Tolkien-Lewis Friendship Hits The Big Screen

It’s a dream come true for a love of LOTR and Narnia fans—that is, if the movie turns out to be good.

That movie is an upcoming drama called Tolkien & Lewis. The film will cost around $18 million to make and will be a “drama fantasy set in war torn Britain in 1941 revealing the faith, friendship and rivalry between J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.”

The film will be directed by Simon West, who also directed The Expendables 2 and Con Air. Um, what? How many explosions will be in this film? Let’s just hope he doesn’t cast Nicolas Cage. Read more

My Favorite Passage From The Fellowship of the Ring

If Gandalf isn’t the wisest character in the history of novels, then I don’t know who is. Okay, Atticus Finch might give him a run for his money.

I just love Gandalf. His wisdom, patience, his incredible display of force when needed, and his discernment of when to use said force.

He’s one of my favorite characters, and I think that’s because a lot of what he says ties in to my faith and personal beliefs.

This passage from The Fellowship of the Ring is a good example. He’s responding to Frodo, who questions why Gandalf didn’t kill Gollum when he had the opportunity. Read more

“There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold…”

You know you’re a cool rock band when your lyrics quote The Lord of the Rings.

You know you’re an even cooler rock band when you quote The Lord of the Rings often. And that’s why Led Zeppelin might be the coolest rock band ever.

Just take a look at a few of these song lyrics.

One small sample verse from “Ramble On”: Read more

One Ring To Rule Them All

What is it about these verses that send shivers down my spine?

Have I become a Lord of the Rings fanboy?

I mean, I’ve always loved the books. And I thought the movies were amazing. I’ve watched each of them 3 times.

And this verse just makes me giddy. It’s so good, so perfect, and such a great setup for the entire story. Read more

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