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That Time Tolkien Was Your English Professor

The introduction to Lucky Jim contains this little nugget that might interest you if you’re a literature nerd like myself.

Kingsley Amis, who wrote Lucky Jim, went to Oxford with his friend and fellow writer, Philip Larkin. The Jim character was actually based on a hybrid of the two friends.

Anyway, as you might know, J.R.R. Tolkien taught at Oxford. And, as luck would have it, Amis and Larkin took one of his classes. The intro concludes with this little nugget about Tolkien’s teaching style: Read more


Looking Back On The Lord Of The Rings

Oh, you thought I was done?

Well, I’m almost finished talking about The Lord of the Rings…after today.

I reviewed the book last week and have moved on to The Sportswriter. But before I officially kick off blog posts about The Sportswriter tomorrow, I thought I’d take a look back at all the posts about The Lord of the Rings.

So here’s a quick rundown if you missed anything: Read more

Book #72: The Lord Of The Rings

Wow. It “only” took me about two months, but I’ve finally completed the epic known as The Lord of the Rings.

As I’ve said before, I had only read about half the novel before inexplicably putting it down many years ago without finishing. What was I thinking?

The Lord of the Rings is, quite possibly, the best novel ever written.

I don’t say that ironically, and I’m not saying that to troll. I really mean it. But, of course, as is everything on this blog, that’s just my opinion—which is reflected in my rankings.

You know the story, right? Read more

“Well, I’m back,” he said.

I’m finished with The Lord of the Rings.

Can I get a round of applause? Thank you.

I’ll be posting my official review tomorrow, but in the meantime I thought I’d share with you the final passage of the novel.

I guess I should give you a SPOILER ALERT here, though it’s really no spoiler, unless knowing that three main characters are alive at the end of the novel would bother you.

The beauty of the passage is its finality. Read more

Stephen Colbert Is A LOTR Fanboy

Stephen Colbert is LITERALLY one of my favorite people on television.

The man can talk about the weather and make me laugh. Plus, he’s brilliant. His Colbert character is one of the best forms of satire I’ve ever seen.

Remember that time he dropped some Dr. Seuss knowledge? Or that time he trolled George W. Bush at a correspondent’s dinner?

But recently, Colbert led a panel at Comic Con about the Lord of the Rings, and it’s as good as you would expect it to be. The panel included Orlando Bloom, Cate Blanchett and other stars from the trilogy. When Colbert talks about The Lord of the Rings, two of the best things that ever existed join together in wondrous harmony.

A couple of his quotes from the panel, which I posted a video of below: Read more

Tolkien In His Own Words

If you’re in the mood for a somewhat dry 1968 BBC documentary about JRR Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings, then today’s post is for you!

Below is the first part of the documentary about Tolkien, which is part of the BBC series called “In Their Own Words.”

The setting is the Oxford campus, so the documentary also includes interviews with students and scenes from around campus. There’s dramatic, eerie music, grainy video, and, oh yeah, an interview with Tolkien as he walks throughout Oxford.

He explains how the Hobbit originated and what his thought process was in creating LOTR.

Like I said, a little dull in that 1960s documentary kind of way, but worth a watch if you haven’t seen much of Tolkien on video. Read more

Tolkien’s Tips For Writing Complex Heroes

Who’s the “hero” of The Lord of the Rings?

Is it Frodo? Aragorn? Gandalf? Even Sam?

You could make an argument for each of those characters, I think. And they all have a lot of traits in common.

Last year, a blog called Writing is Hard Work broke down Tolkien’s 5 tips for writing complex heroes.

Here they are:  Read more

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