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8 Grammar Jokes To Start Your Day Off Right

It’s a special breed of person who enjoys a good grammar joke.

And I believe many of you, like me, are fond of them.

So if you keep a copy of Strunk and White on your desk, today’s post is for you.

Here’s 8 pretty darn good grammar jokes.  Read more


The Presidential Grammar Rankings

Well, I don’t know about you, but I relish every opportunity to make fun of a politician.

And this recent infographic from Grammarly gives me a good bit of ammunition to do just that.

Which presidential candidate’s followers have the best grammar? Well, Democratic candidate Lincoln Chafee, of course!

Who? Yeah, I don’t know him either. But his followers made only 3 grammar mistakes per 100 words, according to Grammarly. To conduct the test, they visited the official Facebook pages of all 19 presidential candidates (I believe one or two might have dropped out since the study) and pulled comments from those pages.

So whose followers hadded the worst of the grammars?

No surprise here: Donald Trump.

Trumpites made nearly 13 grammar mistakes per 100 words. Funny, with Trump bloviating so much about the immigration laws and how he’s going to make America more American, or something like that, it seems his followers have a hard time speaking English.

Overall, Democrats are much more well spoken (or well written) than Republicans–for what that’s worth. I blame the liberal media.

Anyway, here’s the full infographic. I’m sure, no matter who you support in the 2016 election, you’ll represent said candidate with exceptionally exceptional grammar.  Read more

7 Chuckle-Worthy Oxymorons

It’s Monday, y’all. I just got back from vacation.

I’m not even sure what my name is, much less prepared to write a thorough blog post.

So here’s a fun image from my friends at Grammarly.

Seven Chuckle Worthy Oxymorons. Read more

Stannis Baratheon: Protector of Grammar in Westeros

While Stannis Baratheon moves forward in his claim to take the Iron Throne at King’s Landing, he makes sure to correct the grammar of illiterates along the way.

Over the course of nearly 5 seasons on Game of Thrones, Stannis has taken the opportunity to clarify the difference between “less” and “fewer” on two occasions. The brief dialogue happens so quick that you might not notice it.

I almost feel like we’re getting a “wink, wink” from the show’s writers here, and I love it.

Here’s the first clip from Season 2. Read more

What’s Your Favorite Punctuation Mark?

Today’s Monday Question is simple.

Let’s follow up Friday’s post by letting you chime in on your favorite punctuation mark.

You already know mine—the question mark. Question marks make the world go round. They are the gateway to all knowledge.

But what about you?

You a fan of the period, the semicolon, the dreaded ellipses? Do tell!

Punctuation, Ranked

Not all punctuation is created equal. In relation to English grammar, I believe some punctuation just flat out sucks and should rarely be used.

That’s what today’s post is about. This is a bare bones, no frills, blunt, completely subjective look at the deep, seedy, grimey world of English punctuation.

I’ll rank the ten most often used pieces of punctuation from bottom to top: Read more

Don’t Leave Your Love Note In This English Class

This English teacher is a winner at life.

Some love-stricken student left a love note in his English class. So he took the opportunity to correct said student’s grammar within said love note.

The results were frickin’ hilarious.

Well played, Steven Wedel from Oklahoma City. You’re awesome.  Read more

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