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Who Knew A Pig Could Be So Eloquent?

Few things get me more excited about a novel than a strong opening that presents some type of tension and conflict right away.

With that in mind, one of my favorite parts of Animal Farm is Old Major’s speech in the first chapter. Old Major was obviously the Vince Lombardi, the MLK Jr., the JFK of the pig kingdom. Never has a swine had such a way with words.

Look at the beauty of this. Who knew pigs were so articulate and insightful?

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Animal Farm in Pop Culture

Animal Farm is one of those novels that has become so integrated into our culture that it’s everywhere. The book is appealing to everyone from history buffs to sixth graders, mostly because the story goes as deep as you want to take it.

I think that’s why it’s so easy to find references to Animal Farm throughout pop culture, whether it’s American, British, or otherwise. After just a few minutes of research, I found several references to this book in music, film and television.

Some examples:

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Next Up: Animal Farm

Time for George Orwell, take two.

Earlier this year, I read 1984. Loved it. Fascinating novel. This will be my second read of Animal Farm, though the first time I read this book was probably sometime around seventh grade. It’s been awhile.

So I’m pumped to read this novel. Not only is a great story, it’s a short story, just a little over 100 pages. And the beauty of it is the depth of the novel, masked as a children’s tale.

Here are a few facts about Animal Farm:

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And The Winners Are…

Well, at least you guys have a sense of humor.

It’s pretty clear, after reading through yesterday’s comments, that most of you think it funny to watch a 35-year-old man read a Judy Blume book about a girl coming of age. A bit uncomfortable, perhaps?

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Book #11: 1984

What will the world look like in 40 years?

Difficult question, yes? No one really can answer with certainty. And, if we try to answer, more than likely we’re going to come up with some goofy, off-base version of the future that, in 40 years, will be over the top and lame. Kind of like The Jetsons or those rides at Epcot.

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George Orwell Hated Crappy Writing

What George Orwell lacked in his sense of facial hair fashion (see photo), he more than made up for in his writing ability.

I suspect that many of you, since you are reading a blog about books, are avid readers.

Many avid readers, I would propose, have at least a passing interest in writing–most of you have blogs, I’ve noticed.

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Apple’s Classic Take on 1984

Back in 1984, Apple (Macintosh) released their first computer with a classic and critically acclaimed commercial, featured during the Super Bowl, that borrowed heavily from George Orwell’s 1984. IBM was portrayed as “Big Brother” and Apple as the revolutionary who was saving the world from conformity.

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