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9 Book Recommendations For Annoying Family Members

I don’t know if you realized, but Christmas will be here in two days. Two days, y’all!

Christmas is my favorite holiday by far, and I’m fortunate to be able to hang out with family members I enjoy being around (no, really!). But I know some of you all have some characters who sit next to you at the Christmas dinner table.

So what should you get these annoying humans with your same last name? 101 Books has book recommendations for all your annoying family members–or at least the ones I can reasonably assume are part of your family. Some of these were taken from a post I wrote a couple of years ago…so if they sound familiar that’s why.  Read more


Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays!

I hope you guys will be drinking a nice beverage and curling up with your favorite book over the next few days.

Or, like me, staying up until some ungodly hour on Christmas Eve reading poorly translated directions as you put together toys for the kids.

I’m taking a little hiatus from the blog over the holidays. 101 Books will be off this week. Next week, I’ll feature the top 5 popular posts from 2014. And I’ll return for new posts on January 5 of next year.

Again, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy Reading!


The 101 Books 2014 Christmas Giveaway!

Guys, it’s been crazy lately, and for the first time in almost 5 years, I’ve had a hard time keeping up with the blog. That explains the two unannounced off days this week (if you even noticed).

With the holidays here, I’ll be taking next Tuesday through Friday off, then posting some “Best of 2014” posts during the following week.

But before I go on hiatus, I want to have a little Christmas contest and give away a couple of books. It’s just a little thank you for reading 101 Books this year.

You’ve been a part of what has been, by far, the busiest year in 101 Books history. I’d love to give all of you a book, but I ain’t got the budget for that.

So, instead, I’m giving away 2 books from the first 76 I’ve read from the Time list. The winners get to pick which one they want.

To enter, all you have to do is answer this question in the comments: Read more

The 101 Books 2014 Christmas Gift Guide

Last year’s 101 Books Christmas Gift Guide was a moderate success so let’s give it another go.

I try to get a little creative with these. Everybody knows about gift cards, bookmarks, and such, but what are some of the more unusual items you maybe haven’t thought about for the book lover in your life?

How about… Read more

The Two Winners Of The Christmas Giveaway Are…

So who are the two winners of Friday’s Christmas giveaway?

They are…

Read more

The 101 Books Christmas Giveaway Returns!


Christmas is almost here, so I want to give away some books.

So far, I’ve read 65 mostly good books as part of this 101 Books project. In today’s giveaway, two lucky winners will be able to choose one of those 65 books. I’ll ship them to you for free via Amazon.

So how do you win?

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is answer this question in the comments:

What’s your favorite Christmas movie?

Read more

The 101 Books Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is two weeks from today. Did you read that….Christmas is two weeks from today!

OH CRAP. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO BUY? Who knew Christmas actually came on December 25 this year?

But don’t despair. 101 Books has some gift suggestions for you today, at least gift suggestions for the book lovers in your life.

So if you’re buying for any of these people, here are my suggestions:

Read more

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