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17 Amazing Things About Reading in the Fall

Don’t look now, but fall is right around the corner.

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. You see, I believe summer is only good for two things: sweat and weeds. If it were up to me, summer would only last one week–long enough for my family to go on a beach vacation. After that, let’s get on with fall.

For me, fall is football, pumpkin patches, crisp mornings, and grilling out with a cold beer. It’s the absolute perfect time of year. And, oh yeah, in my opinion fall is the best time of year for reading.

So with that said, here are 17 amazing things about reading in the fall. Read more


A Review Roundup Of “Go Set A Watchman”

I hope to have my review of the new Harper Lee novel ready tomorrow. In the meantime, I thought I’d pull together some short quotes from reviews across the web.

Here’s what others are saying about Go Set A Watchman: Read more

11 Of The Best Quotes In Literature

A great sentence is as refreshing as a cool cup of water.

See what I did there? That was a bad sentence riddled with a horrible cliche. That was the opposite of a good sentence. In fact, I’m probably terrible at writing good sentences–that’s why I love reading other people’s good sentences.

Today, join me as we bask in the brilliance of some of the greatest quotes from literature. I wish I could write like this.

Enjoy. Read more

The 5 Most Unique Places I’ve Ever Read A Book

It’s summer. If you haven’t already traveled somewhere for a getaway, then you may be soon. At the very least, you’re probably thinking of where you want to take your next vacation, whether it’s later this year or later this decade.

There’s something about traveling that inspires us to read. We read on planes, on subways, and in cars (when not driving!), but the best thing about traveling and reading is the unique places we get to read in once we’ve reached the destination.

I’m not talking about the “go-to” reading spot. For me, that’s a certain chair at home. I’m talking about some of the most unique, or out of the ordinary, places we’ve read over the years.

Here are my 5 favorite reading spots. Read more

Go Ahead And Write In That Book

I’ve always been a proponent of writing in books, even dog-earing pages on occasion. To me, that’s just showing the book a little love.

When I’m finished with a novel, I want the novel to look like I’ve read it. And what better way to do that than writing my thoughts in the margins?

Mortimer Adler wrote a book appropriately called How to Read a Book. Time recently published an excerpt in which Adler explains why you shouldn’t be ashamed to write in your books.

I love this.  Read more

20 Reasons The Great Gatsby Is The Best Novel Ever

You guys know I love The Great Gatsby. It’s my favorite novel, and it currently sits #1 out of the 76 novels I’ve read during this project so far.

But I haven’t talked about the novel in a really long time, like two weeks maybe. So I thought I’d break down why Gatsby is so awesome in a fun Friday listicle.

Let’s go! So why is The Great Gatsby the greatest novel ever? Read more

#3 In 2014: What Does It Mean To Be “Well Read?”

* 101 Books is out of office this week. But all week I am featuring the top 5 most popular NEW posts (by traffic) in 2014. I’ll return with new posts on January 5. 

Someone recently told me I was “well read,” which I find interesting. The whole reason I started 101 Books was because I felt like I wasn’t “well read” enough, whatever that means.

So now that I’ve read nearly 70 books in four years, am I well read all of the sudden?

Seriously? That’s all it takes–70 books in four years?

According to Google, 129 million books have been published in the history of the history. 129 million!

Read more

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