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Getting Spammy With It: Volume 3

Have you ever heard the theory that monkeys could write Shakespeare if they were given an infinite amount of time?

Well, to write a spam comment, monkeys would need precisely 15 minutes.

With that, it’s no coincidence that the spam comments have been piling up (props to the WordPress filter for catching almost 100% of them!). Looks like the monkeys were busy over the holidays.

So it’s time to get spammy with it and take a look at some of the more confusing and English language-challenged spam comments that found their way into the blog’s spam filter. Yet, here I am, bringing them into the light.

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Getting Spammy With It: Volume 2

In this series of posts, I make fun of the ridiculous spam comments that found my blog. And there are many of them.

I tried this once. Kind of enjoyed it. So why not try again? If you hate this nonsense, feel free to curse me and throw digital tomatoes. Just don’t throw heirlooms at me. Those things are expensive.

Remember, these are actual comments that my WordPress spam filter saved me from. But here I am posting them on the blog anyway. How stupid.

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Do You Know What Lurks In Your Spam Filter?

I don’t understand spam. I really don’t.

I don’t understand the people that circulate it and the people who actually fall for it. A Nigerian king wants to give you a million dollars…really?

Thanks to the beauty of spam filters on email and blogs, we don’t have to deal with this crap much anymore. But, every now and then, I peek in the spam folder to make sure something legitimate didn’t get overlooked.

And I’m always amazed by the efforts, or lack thereof, that spammers make to fool us into believing they are legitimately commenting on a post. Who writes this stuff? Is it an actual human, a robot, a computer program, a parakeet?

To understand why I’m asking this question, check out some of the recent spam comments that my WordPress filter caught:

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