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Time’s 100 Novels Ranked By Amazon Sales

One of my favorite parts of Amazon is the Amazon sales rank. It’s just a quick gauge of how the public generally receives a book.

While sales don’t always indicate a novel’s quality or critical reception (see Twilight), they’re sometimes a decent indicator. So because I have tons of free time (I don’t, really), I thought I’d dig up the Amazon sales ranking for all of the Time Magazine 100 novels. Then, throw them all in a spreadsheet and see how they rank.

Let’s take a look at how the Time 100 novels rank by sales on Amazon. Note: The book’s overall ranking is the number to the right. Read more


Ranking The First 80 Novels

So now’s the time when I take a look back at the last several novels I’ve read and explain to you why I ranked them as I did.

Here’s how books 76 through 80 break down: Read more

Ranking The First 75 Novels

Apparently I’ve been in a pretty good mood the last few months, or maybe I’ve just been on a good run of novels. Whatever the case, this last batch of four novels was pretty darn good.

So as I often do after every 4-5 novels, I thought I would explain why I ranked these recent novels as I did. So here you go: Read more

Ranking The First 71 Novels

I forgot to explain my rankings back when I finished book #70, so today’s post is a make-up post.

This is something I do after every five books, just so you can get an overall gauge on how I felt about these novels compared to all the others I’ve read.

Here’s how I’ve ranked the last 6 novels I’ve read from the Time list. Read more

Ranking The First 65 Novels

It’s time for me to talk about my utterly meaningless and completely subjective rankings of the recent books I’ve read from the Time list.

If you’re new to the blog, this is a little exercise I do after every five novels. It allows me to explain why I ranked each novel where I did, with the understanding that, ultimately, ranking a list of novels like this is a pretty pointless endeavor. But I do it anyway, ’cause it’s fun.

So let’s take a look at the last 5 novels.

Read more

Ranking The First 60 Novels

It’s time for me to explain my highly subjecting and totally pointless rankings.

As you may know, I go through my rankings after every five novels. It’s a nice way to close out some of my recent reads and explain why I ranked them where I did. It’s also a great way for you to bash me in the comments and tell me how stupid I am.

So let’s take a look at the last five novels:

Read more

Ranking The First 55 Novels

Here’s my latest attempt to explain my highly subjective, totally meaningless, pretty much idiotic rankings of the first 55 books I’ve read from the Time list.

I try and do this every five books or so, so it’s about that time.

Here’s how I ranked the last several books and why I ranked them as I did.

Read more

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