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Literary Fun With Google Translate, Part 2

Let’s have a little fun with Google Translate again.

We tried this a few months ago with mild success, so I thought I’d give it another go.

Basically, I just take famous passages from literature, then kick them through a gauntlet of 5 to 10 languages and spit them back out in English. Then we see what we’ve got.

Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’s weird. Sometimes it’s fairly similar to the original.

And off we go: Read more


Literary Fun With Google Translate, Part 1

I titled this post with a “part one”—which implies there will be a “part two”—but I honestly don’t know. I guess we’ll see how this goes over.

Here’s the deal. This is an idea I completely stole from Garnet and Black, a blog devoted to the University of South Carolina football. They take coach Steve Spurrier’s press conference quotes, then throw them through a Google Translate ringer, basically translating his quotes through five or six different languages, then back translating to English. The results are pretty funny.

So I thought we’d try the same with famous literary passages. Why not? Read more

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