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Read All Of Virginia Woolf’s Works Online

Y’all may or may not know that I’m not a big Virginia Woolf fan.

I wrote a pretty scathing review of Mrs. Dalloway, and I’m dreading the soon-to-be day when I have to read To The Lighthouse. Nonetheless, I respect her work as an author, and I respect the amount of respect so many readers have for Woolf.

That’s why I’m sharing this super cool link with you.  Read more


The Day Jobs That Inspired Famous Authors

I’ve written on this topic before, but I think this infographic does an even better job of summarizing the whole thing up.

I think the writing profession, particularly novelists, is overly romanticized. We imagine these men and women sipping bourbon on the porch of a mountain cabin while crafting their next famous novel. They don’t do anything other than write. That’s their job. That’s what they do.

But the reality is that a lot of authors, even the most famous ones from the past, were working nine-to-fives during the day to pay the bills, while working on their novels at night. On the other hand, day jobs also provided these authors with experiences that would inspire their novels.

This infographic from AdZuna does a nice job of showing how (and if) some famous authors were inspired by their day-to-day work. Read more

James Joyce Channels His Inner Toby Keith

I recently found out about an amazingly witty Tumblr in which Hitler quotes are imposed over Taylor Swift photos and attributed to Tay Tay. The effect is subtle.

Many of the photos actually go viral because people have no idea that Hitler said these things. Out of context, the quotes seem kind of normal, even something a teenager or young adult might say. For example, “I have sworn to only live FREE.” Totally Taylor Swift, right? Wrong. It’s Hitler.

So, as is often the case with my posts, I decided to rip off the idea and see what it might look like if James Joyce quoted Toby Keith. If you don’t know, Keith is a country music star here in America, famous for over-the-top redneckness and unapologetic jingoism in his songs. Toby Keith is like if Donald Trump was a country music star.

So, totally, James Joyce right?

This might be the worst thing ever. But, oh well, here goes.

Let’s see what such an experiment might look like: Read more


She’s quite possibly the “star” of one of the most popular internet memes in history. She’s the “Ermahgerd Girl,” and she’s famous for her awkward pre-pubescent braces-filled smile, holding several brand new copies of R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series.

You’ve more than likely seen the Ermahgerd Girl at some point. It’s the meme that keeps on memeing.

A few examples: Read more

Book or Beer?

I love books. I love beer.

That’s why the website I’m telling you about today is a favorite.

If you’ve got a few spare minutes, check out

The site gives you a name, like “Constant Disappointment,” and you have to determine whether it’s the title of a Young Adult novel or is a craft beer brewed in New York. No kidding.  Read more

A Coloring Book For Adults?

I’ve got to be honest. I love building Legos. I buy my son Legos just so I can “help” him build them. I have a Lego-sized hole in my brain that only those little Legos can fill.

I don’t care that I’m 39 years old. I’m unrepentant about my love for Legos.

That’s why I love my friend Jennifer’s most recent project. She illustrated an “expert-level coloring adventure” called Flying Colors that allows you to tap into that long-forgotten segment of your brain that loves to just sit down at the kitchen table with a coloring book and color.

I guess you’d call it a coloring book for adults, though I’m sure anyone who loves to color could give these illustrations a go.

I don’t know what else to say other than it’s a creative, super cool idea. Who doesn’t need a little “art therapy” every now and then?

Here’s a sample page: Read more

Science Fiction Versus Proper Literature

I believe this Tom Gauld cartoon sums it up.

I love this guy. Check out all his cartoons at



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