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A Round Up of Harper Lee Content

With Harper Lee’s passing last week, I thought I’d round up all the many blog posts I’ve made about her and her two novels over the last several years. That woman is an inspiration.

Click through and enjoy some of the many ways she’s inspired this blog.

The One Harper Lee Quote I’ll Never Forget

A Little Reminder That Harper Lee Was An Incredible Writer

Will You Read The New Harper Lee Novel?

Harper Lee To Publish A Second Novel

Harper Lee Lays The Smack Down

What Do Harper Lee And Captain Underpants Have In Common?

Harper Lee Will Not Be Mocked

101 Books Reviews “Go Set A Watchman”

A Review Roundup Of “Go Set A Watchman”

The Editor Behind To Kill A Mockingbird

Time’s 100 Novels Ranked By Amazon Sales

Book #2: To Kill A Mockingbird


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