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Daddy Long Legs: Who Did Name You?

After yesterday’s nasty post, we need a palate cleanser.

Enter everyone’s favorite German, Flula. If you don’t know Flula, you should.

Flula has a difficult time understanding English idioms. For example, “Jennifer is a party pooper.” What?

He also doesn’t understand why a “Daddy Long Legs” spider was named as such. Let’s enjoy watching him process this and forget all about Naked Lunch for a bit.

(Image: Wikimedia Commons)

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  1. This cracked me up. Nice change from the 50 shades poop post.


    March 26, 2015
  2. llansford #

    Reblogged this on Lauren Lansford and commented:
    I’m re-posting mostly for my love of Flula, but also because I think this is a great and silly example of how ridiculous our language is. I think it’s important for librarians, archivists, and other information professionals to be cognizant of that and tailor their tools with that idea in mind.


    March 29, 2015

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