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Tolkien In His Own Words

If you’re in the mood for a somewhat dry 1968 BBC documentary about JRR Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings, then today’s post is for you!

Below is the first part of the documentary about Tolkien, which is part of the BBC series called “In Their Own Words.”

The setting is the Oxford campus, so the documentary also includes interviews with students and scenes from around campus. There’s dramatic, eerie music, grainy video, and, oh yeah, an interview with Tolkien as he walks throughout Oxford.

He explains how the Hobbit originated and what his thought process was in creating LOTR.

Like I said, a little dull in that 1960s documentary kind of way, but worth a watch if you haven’t seen much of Tolkien on video.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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  1. sally1137 #

    Interesting Essay on Tolkien I saw today:


    July 31, 2014
  2. Rah Meres #

    Reblogged this on "It´s Dangerous to go alone" and commented:
    Oh God…


    July 31, 2014

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