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Hey! Connect With Me On Social Media! Marketing!

Warning: Blatant marketing to follow.

This is a terrible post because it’s a marketing post. But a guy’s got to market every now and then, right? So I figure if I downplay the marketing and get all self-deprecating about how marketing sucks, even though I’m doing it, that you might like this post better. But isn’t that a marketing tactic in itself? Yeah, I guess so.


Would you like to connect on social media? Some of this stuff, you can find over on the right side of this page, but does anyone even notice that stuff? I don’t.

I’m on Twitter: @robertbruce76, and I usually follow back, when I’m not crafting the most extraordinary awesomest tweets you’ve ever read.

I also have an official 101 Books Facebook page where I post blog links, articles, quotes from the novels I’m reading, and the occasional general thought about books. I’m thinking about moving some of my regular book giveaways over to the Facebook page, so you’ll definitely want to connect there. This is big-time, epic, life-changing stuff.

I even have an official 101 Books Pinterest page, though I’ve hardly used it and really have no idea what I’m doing there. Someone said I needed to be on Pinterest, so I got on Pinterest. I think I have more fingers than followers on Pinterest. Now, I just don’t have time to figure it out and rarely use it. But, hey, come follow me!

Last, I just joined a new social media network created by It’s called Slice Bookshelf. Basically, Slice Bookshelf is kind of a Pinterest/Good Reads hybrid. That’s the only way I can describe it. Highly visual social media site. I love it, and I’m just getting started with it. Quick note: The site is still in beta mode, but it’s open for anyone to try…just keep in mind you might see a few kinks. Look me up (Robert Bruce) on the site and I’ll follow you back.

And that’s it. If you’re not on social media, hopefully you haven’t read this far into the post because I’ve wasted your time. If you are on social media, look me up using the links above!

End of blatant marketing. Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

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