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Bullies Suck

It’s National Bullying Prevention month, which is something you don’t really think about  much until you have a kid.

Since my boy’s two now, bullying isn’t a threat, as I think all two-year-olds are bullies to some degree. If you don’t believe me, put two two-year-old boys in the same room with one Thomas the Train, and see what happens. Anyway, as he gets older, I’m sure it’s something I’ll be more aware of.

In light of the recent story of Amanda Todd, a fifteen-year-old Canadian girl who, just a few days ago, committed suicide after being repeatedly bullied, this topic is as relevant as ever. That’s just awful and should never happen.

To promote National Bullying Prevention Month, several prominent authors, including Dean Koontz, recently put together this video about their experiences being bullied and their responses. Since, at the moment, my best advice on responding to a bully would be an elbow to the groin, I’m guessing their feedback is better than mine.

Bullies indeed suck. See what Dean Koontz has to say about them.

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  1. I was bullied, too, pretty much throughout elementary and junior high school. It’s miserable. At that time, there wasn’t much help from teachers, either. It’s a problem that deserves more attention.


    October 15, 2012
  2. I recently looked up articles about this; I found out that bullying is the leading cause of suicide among young people. What makes it horrible is so horrible about this is the fact that someone can either create a hate website about someone or post something about them on facebook that a bagillion people can see that follows the person everywhere.


    October 16, 2012

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