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Back To The Basics of 101 Books

Happy Monday to all of you!

I thought I’d take a few minutes today to do a quick blog “reset,” if you will.

This thing is growing so fast, and I keep seeing more and more new commenters that I’m not sure if everyone knows exactly what 101 Books is about.

The tagline says it all. Yes, I’m reading through Time Magazine’s 100 ALL-Time novels, a list they created in 2005, which is comprised of English-speaking novels published since 1923 (the year Time Magazine started).

But I added one small tweak.

Since Ulysses is widely considered the greatest novel of all time, and since it missed the publish date cutoff by one year (Joyce published it in 1922), I decided to add it to the list to make a nice, unround 101 books. Ulysses will be the last book I read.

To date, I’ve completed 40 novels (review of book 40 coming Wednesday). At this rate, I anticipate the blog will carry on for another two years or so, especially since my pace has slowed since I started reading A Dance To The Music Of Time (3,000+ pages) as part of the list.

I honestly have no idea what I’ll do after that, if I do anything.

This blog, in its current form, wouldn’t exist without you guys. I hope that’s a compliment. Last February, 101 Books had in the neighborhood of 10 subscribers. Today, it’s pushing 4,000 subscribers.

That takes me back a bit, because if I had to talk in front of that many people, I think I would lose all of my gastrointestinal organs on stage. It’s true.

I try and keep a fine balance of staying true to the 101 Books theme while also throwing in some random and general book-related posts that usually seem to be received well.

Your comments, traffic, likes, etc, usually tells me what you like, and I always mark those posts for future reference. Again, while staying true to what this blog is about.

So, all that said, feel free to get to know the rest of the blog if you normally hang out on the home page. You can check out my pointless rankings of all of the first 40 books. Why do I rank them? Why not?

Go to the list page to see all of the books, all in one handy, dandy location, complete with easy-to-click links that will take you right to my reviews.

If you want to know a little more information about me, it’s not much, you can go to…you guessed it, the about me page, where you can also read some of my guest posts at other blogs.

And, last but absolutely not least, check out the Friends of 101 Books page, where you’ll can check out the literary bookish blogs of 101 Books commenters and intertube acquaintances.

To get on that list, shoot me an email at, but please actually be someone who reads this blog on occasion.

So that’s it for today. Thanks for reading 101 Books. You guys make it fun.

Note: All of this week’s posts will be brand new, but I probably won’t be as active in the comment section. So if you don’t see me making a lot of comments…that’s why. I’ll return in full force next Monday!

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  1. Happy reading! Thanks for the update. This is all new to me. I will check out the books.


    April 16, 2012
  2. I admire your tenacious commitment to your goal. I love to read Literature. Academic stuff I guess. However, i missed so much incredibly new milestones I feel “out of this real world”. So maybe I’ll find a list of the top (?) (not 100) but perhaps like 50 of newer stuff and commit to reading them. Those milestone books that change a direction of literature. No Vampires please!


    April 16, 2012
  3. Fantastic idea and goal. You make me want to read more.


    April 16, 2012
  4. WONDERFUL ! Thank you Robert! Sincerely Deborah


    April 16, 2012
  5. Thanks for the clarification, Robert. Wonderful for new readers. Wow! I’m VERY happy to expect another 2 years of 101 Books and your fun, insightful, thought-provoking posts! COOL! ~Marissa


    April 17, 2012

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