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For the last 16 months, the 101 Books main URL has sucked. I realize that.

The URL has a thousand letters, including Lord knows how many “O”s, a bunch of periods. There’s like 38,000 different ways to say “One hundred AND one.” It’s just a pain in the butt to remember.

When I started the blog, all the obvious URLs under the WordPress domain were taken, so did the best I could–which means if you didn’t have the blog bookmarked, you’d have a hard time remembering how the heck to get here.

That is, until today! Last week, you may have noticed that the URL at the top of your screen says “” Thanks to a little domain mapping upgrade, I now have a much easier to remember URL. The old URL will still work, but it just automatically routes to

So, hopefully, if you’ve had a hard time remembering the URL, you’ll now have a much easier time. The one catch? It is a .NET, not a .COM.

If it’s important enough to me to make an entire post about the URL change, then you know I’m quite happy with it. If you’re on WordPress, for $17 a year you can do the same thing. I’d recommend it.

For fun, what’s the most difficult-to-remember URL you’ve ever seen?

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  1. Mad Magazine writer Dick DeBartolo uses this for his annual Christmas card/parody site:


    December 5, 2011
  2. How simple was the upgrade? Did you just have to sign up and pay and automatically get the upgrade? And what makes you choose a .net over a .com domain?

    I’ve been noting to do this for a while now, but am still sitting on the fence wondering whether it would be too much of a bother? And $12 a year? I thought it was $17


    December 5, 2011
    • You’re right. It’s $17. My memory fails me more and more these days.

      The upgrade was very simple. It probably switched the URL within 10 minutes and the old URL still works of course. The only reason I chose .NET is because .COM was already taken. .NET was definitely my second choice, but I think it’s still much better than the previous URL.


      December 5, 2011
      • Actually, “Dot-com” identifies the site as a commercial venture in the United States and is therefore not preferred for a personal site. “Dot-net” is less specific, although not perfect either. WordPress is now allowing many of the newer gTLDs which might be more in line with a personal site (like “Dot-me”). Actually the new international rules (ICANN) allow almost anything as a domain indicator as long as ICANN tests and approves it for use (oh, there is also the $185,000 up-front registration fee and individuals are likely to be rejected).

        Imagine a “Dot-sex” domain: it might make internet porn even easier to find or, possibly more important, easier to block from curious but underage eyes. If you’re like me, a “Dot-food” domain might pique my interest. There might even be a “Dot-NFL” domain to constantly remind me that the television is turned off for a reason.


        December 5, 2011
  3. Welcome to round two of the digital age! (Case might shrug at this post.)


    December 5, 2011

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