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The New Yorker Profiles Muriel Spark

The New Yorker, as expected, wrote an outstanding profile of Muriel Spark in 2014.

Check out the whole piece if you’re interested, but I thought I’d highlight a couple of passages.

This first one talks about the nature of a typical Spark protagonist. Read more

What’s On Holden Caulfield’s Playlist?

Oh, Spotify, how I love you.

While I’m writing at work, I can pretty much pull up any song ever and listen to it—thanks to you, Spotify.

I can also do stupid and pointless stuff, like imagining what songs might be on Holden Caulfield’s Spotify playlist—were he actually a real person, alive today, as a teenager, with access to modern technology like computers and such.

So that’s what I’m doing today. I’m taking a stab at coming up with a Spotify playlist for perhaps the most annoying character in modern literature, Holden Caulfield from The Catcher in the Rye.

While he’s annoying and hardly bearable, that doesn’t mean his musical selections are: Read more

The Lifelong Rift Between Muriel Spark And Her Son

Muriel Spark passed away in 2006 at the age of 88.

In her will, Spark left her entire estate (valued at millions of dollars, according to The Standard) to a female friend of over 40 years.

The surprise here is that Spark’s only son, Robin, got nothing from her estate. She went so far as to write a sealed letter detailing her reasons for cutting him out of the will in case his attorneys came after the money. Read more

Miss Brodie: “Education is leading out of knowledge.”

In The Prime of Miss Brodie, the protagonist (Miss Brodie) is a school teacher with a different take on education.

She has a few select female students she’s bonded with, and she applies some of her teaching principles to them. As word of Miss Brodie’s unusual techniques begin to spread around the school, she explains her educational style to some of her students.  Read more

Who’s Your Most Hated Fictional Character?

Wednesday is Tax Day here in the United States. April 15. It’s a dreadful day.

Having paid my taxes yesterday, I’m reminded of how much disdain I have for the IRS.

If the IRS were a character in a novel (and I guess they kind of were in the Pale King by David Foster Wallace), I would despise them more than any other character in the history of fictional characters.  Read more

Kurt Vonnegut Grades His Own Novels

Love the transparency here.

Letters of Note recently tweeted a photo of Vonnegut’s grades of all his novels.

Some of you Kurt Vonnegut fans will appreciate this. Read more

Maggie Smith Shines As Miss Brodie

You ever discovered an actor or actress late in their acting career and wondered where you’ve been?

That’s how I feel about Maggie Smith.

Let me preface this by saying I’m not an avid movie watcher. Even when I do watch movies, I’m hard pressed to tell you a lot of the actors and actresses names—except for the really famous ones.

Anyway, I watch Downton Abbey with my wife, and we’ve always loved Maggie Smith’s character, Lady Violet. When we first watched the show, I recognized Maggie Smith as Professor McGonagall from the Harry Potter movies. Read more


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