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A Prequel To Gone With The Wind Is Coming

I’ve never quite understood why readers would be interested in a sequel (or prequel) written by someone other than the original novel’s author.

Essentially, it’s glorified fan fiction. I could go out and write 300 pages of a novel called 1985 but how would I, or anyone, really know if George Orwell would bless such a sequel.

All that to tell you that an authorized prequel to Gone With The Wind will be released in October. The prequel, written by Donald McCaig, is called Ruth’s Journey. The story will focus on Mammy, who has been given the name “Ruth” by McCaig, and her journey from Haiti to Georgia.

McCaig has made a career out of the Gone With The Wind story. He wrote an authorized prequel called Rhett Butler’s People in 2007. The only other authorized prequel or sequel to Gone With The Wind was the much-pooped-upon Scarlett sequel, written by Alexandra Ripley, in 1991.

Atria Books, which is an imprint of Simon & Schuster, will publish Ruth’s Journey. According to Peter Borland, editorial director at Atria Books:

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9 Book Recommendations For People You Hate

Here’s hoping you don’t really hate anyone.

But let’s assume you have a “strong dislike” for someone in your life. And let’s further assume that this person recently asked you for a book recommendation.

You, the holder of all book-related wisdom, have a decision to make. Do you give them an honest recommendation, or is this your chance for revenge?

If you’d like to give them the old literary screw job, then I’m here to help.

Here are 9 book recommendations for people you hate:

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7 Parenting Lessons From Literature

Parenting is hard work. I know that’s a cliche, but it’s a well-earned cliche.

Kids are pretty awesome, and they can even teach you a thing or two about reading, but they also have their moments. That’s why, if you want to be a parent, it’s important to make sure you are not a mental whack job.

Mental whack jobs who are parents usually produce kids who eventually become mental whack jobs themselves. This is not good.

Since fiction is often just a mirror of reality, there’s a lot to learn from literary parents, both good and whack jobbish.

Quite a bit, actually. Let’s take at some parenting tips I put together based on lessons I’ve learned from literary parents.

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Who Are The Worst Couples In Literature?

Hooray for Valentines Day!

Today is a wonderful opportunity to gorge oneself on overpriced chocolate and questionable fettucine alfredo, while dining with the one you love.

Or, if you’re tired of hearing everyone yapping about love and such, then perhaps you’d like to relish in the dark, miserable side of romance.

Like these terrible couples from literature, for example. So if you hate Valentines Day, then today’s post is for you.

Here are some of the worst couples in literature–at least that I could think of.

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7 Famous Novels That Became Musicals

A good story is a good story is a good story. That’s why most great novels are adapted into films and plays and even musicals.

Musicals? Of course!

Now, sometimes, the execution of said story into another format is lacking. Or maybe the particular story just isn’t a good fit for a visual medium. That’s why, to date, we haven’t seen an Infinite Jest film. But Blood Meridian? Would someone please film Blood Meridian?

But back to musicals. When I started this project, I had no idea how many famous novels had been adapted into the realm of Broadway. It’s pretty impressive.

But, I kid not, when I say nearly every book on this Time list has had at least some attempt at a musical.

Here’s just a few that stand out:

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My Answers To Would You Rather…

So you guys gave your answers to our first game of literary would you rather on Friday. I thought I’d jump in and give my answers today.

Take a look at Friday’s post for a review.

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Have You Ever Got This Mad About A Book’s Ending?

Look, I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m passionate about college football. At times, even unreasonably so.

And I think my wife would agree that my love of college football has become more balanced with age. My life doesn’t revolve around whether or not Georgia wins a game on Saturday. Thank God.

Now, I want you to watch this video featuring a mentally unbalanced Tennessee fan whose emotional well-being appears to depend on a Tennessee win. I promise I’m going somewhere with this…just humor me.

But please note: This video is not safe for work, unless your employer enjoys loud, repeated use of the F Word and the GD word. If that’s the case, you have permission to skip to the copy below the video.

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