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“I’ll try another one anyway, I guess.”

Six weeks after The Day of the Locust was published in 1939, Nathanael West wrote a letter to his friend, F. Scott Fitzgerald. He was updating F. Scott Fitzgerald on how book sales were going.

The letter contained this quote from West:

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24 Hours That Changed Literature

This is one of the more interesting little tidbits I’ve discovered about an author since I’ve started this project.

Nathanael West died the day after his good friend F. Scott Fitzgerald died in 1940.

Here’s how our friends at Wikipedia describe his death:

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F. Scott Fitzgerald Loved Beer

A friend who lives in Asheville, North Carolina sent me this.

Recently, NPR’s Susan Stamberg made the rounds in Asheville while researching a piece about the time F. Scott Fitzgerald lived in the city.

While in Asheville, Fitzgerald spent some time at the famous Grove Park Inn. His time there was both sad and memorable.

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One Thing You Need To Be A Professional Writer

This is one of the best letters I’ve ever read about writing. Not surprisingly, it comes from my favorite writer, F. Scott Fitzgerald.

The letter, which comes from the book F. Scott Fitzgerald: A Life In Letters via brainpickings, is written from Fitzgerald to Frances Turnbull, a family friend, who sent F. Scott a short story for review.

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Looking Back At The Great Gatsby

To be such a short novel, I had a lot to write about The Great Gatsby.

It is my favorite novel, after all. Though I finished it about a month ago, the holiday break and giveaway and year in review posts kept me from giving it a worthy recap post.

So, like I did with Infinite Jest, I thought I’d highlight all of the posts I made about The Great Gatsby at the end of last year. Maybe you missed one and would like to take a look.

Here they be:

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Book 50: The Great Gatsby

This review seems pointless.

I think everything that can be said about The Great Gatsby has already been said. So I’m not reinventing the wheel here, not that I ever do during any of my reviews (I use the term “reviews” loosely).

Having read this novel many times, you’d think I could write pages and pages about The Great Gatsby—and I guess that’s what I’ve done over the last few weeks—but, still, trying to sum up the amazingness, fabulousness, splenderificness of this novel in a short review is difficult.

So I’ll start with this:

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The Best Passages From The Great Gatsby

If Fitzgerald’s prose is like butter, then The Great Gatsby is like bathing in a giant vat of delicious, theater popcorn.

I’ve read this novel multiple times, and I’m always struck by how I never grow tired of reading it. Every single passage lives and breathes and just jumps of the page. Fitzgerald wrote with such a purpose.

With my review coming on Monday, I thought I’d share some of my favorite passages and quotes from The Great Gatsby today.

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Why Fitzgerald’s Prose Is Like Butter

If you haven’t noticed, I’m drawing out The Great Gatsby experience. It doesn’t take me this long to read a 200-page book, but there’s so much to share about this novel that I had to linger on it for a while.

This novel is so jam-packed with buttery-smooth writing that it makes you want to eat it. Yes, physically eat the book. Okay, not quite. But almost.

Anyway, here’s one of the passages that jumped out at me. Gatsby is taking Daisy—who is visiting his mansion for the first time—on a tour through the house with Nick.

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The Great Gatsby In A Nutshell

If you need a laugh on a Monday morning, this might do the trick.

Or, if you’ve never got around to reading The Great Gatsby–shame on you, by the way–and you want to get a feel for what it’s about, this will do the trick as well. Maybe.

Funny little two-minute video called Gatsby In A Nutshell. You’ll notice below that embedding is disabled. Simply click on the YouTube link to watch it.

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The Great Gatsby Covers: A Brief History

A novel like The Great Gatsby, which is nearly 90 years old and is one of the most successful novels of all time, inevitably will have dozens of covers over the years.

I love looking back at all of the different interpretations of the novel through cover design. You might remember, we’ve looked at covers before with The Sound and the Fury and Neuromancer and The Grapes of Wrath.

I dug through the interwebs looking for legitimate covers of the novel, but keep in mind that a lot of people like to make their own redesigns. Just for kicks, I guess. I believe I’ve filtered out all of those, but one or two might have sneaked in. So what’s Gatsby’s cover looked like over the years?

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