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Friends of 101 Books

If you have the time to visit an extra blog or two today, check out these folks:

World of Books: Evren’s reviews of books from around the world.

Novel Reading: Details of one man’s book habit.

Reading in Bed: Laura Frey is reading 1,001 books.

Karen Mesa: Great book reviews and writing.

Emily January: Emily’s great blog about life, lessons, and literature.

Paucis Verbis: Marissa’s excellent poetry blog.

A.K. Andrew: Entertaining blog about creativity and culture.

Motherhood and Miscellany: Long-time blog follower with a great parenting blog. And cute kids!

Nicola Baird: Writer of books, blogs and journalism covering eco know-how, parenting and travel.

Between The Covers: Heather is a great reviewer and writer. And she’s much more efficient than me. She reads like 20 books at a time.

Jedwardswright: Typing chickens? Yep.

2 Girls/100 Books: Cool new blog from Patti and her daughter about their experience reading through 100 children’s novels.

Michigan Dreamer: Book reviews, book reviews, and more book reviews from Teresa.

Notes From Rumbly Cottage: The header on the blog says it all: “Small-town life with a husband, four kids, and a dog that eats anything…”

Ross B Lampert: Ross is a blogger over at Cochise Writers, and I think he’s read a lot of books I’m reading.

She Thinks Too Much: Beth is a prolific reader (32 books this year), and she writes a great, well-organized blog.

The Very Hungry Bookworm: She reviews both books and movies. Lots of them.

Marianna: Marianna is a dedicated reader of 101 Books. Not only that, but she’s a coworker who assigns me articles every day!

Neil Sagebiel: I met Neil back when I was writing a golf blog. He’s a published author, great writer, and an even better guy.

Andreas Moser: Andreas writes a fabulous blog about all kinds of subjects.

Lunar Euphoria: Lunar is a frequent commenter. Her blog currently has a lot of cool photos of food and such.

Mutant Supermodel: Other than having a cool name, Mutant has a blog in which she tracks getting out of debt (Dave Ramsey fan?) and her quest to read 60 books in 2011. Nice.

The Oddness of Moving Things: After noticing Geoff around these parts lately, I visited his blog. And, turns out, he’s a crazy book reviewer like me. He reads a lot of books, too.

Liber: The tagline: “Liberate yourself. One book at a time.”

Gemma Sidney: Gemma lives in Paris. That alone makes you want to follow her blog, right?

Books Without Any Pictures: Grace is an aspiring librarian who provides book reviews and commentary. Her latest? A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin

Ben Zuehlke:  Ben’s got a lot of great insights into the novels I’ve been reading. Always has something interesting to say. I linked to his Twitter profile. If you’re on Twitter, follow him.

notmsparker: She lives in Germany and writes a blog called “Kreuzberg’d”. You’ll have to visit to find out what that means.

This Nerding Life: A few months ago, I realized a couple of other guys are also blogging their way through the Time list. Matt is one of them. And he’s actually trying to read all of them–or at least the 86 he hasn’t read–this year.

Bryan Wright: Another guy who’s reading through the Time list. He got a bit of a head start on me and has good reviews. Nice preview of what’s to come.

Kcleighton: KC is a writer and frequent blogger. Plus, she likes this blog! So hear hear!

Nishita: Nishita blogs about books, restaurants, movies–you name it.

Darcie:  Darcie is also a coworker. She copyedits all of my nonsensical ramblings. She’s our resident grammar nazi. Plus, she blogs on occasion.

David Kazzie: You might have heard me mention David’s name on this blog before. He’s the creator of this hilarious video and the author of a new book:Jackpot.

Jon Acuff: Jon is the author of Quitter, a great speaker, a coworker of mine, and an all-around good guy. It’s not like he needs the extra publicity, but his Stuff Christians Like blog is pretty awesome. I’ve been reading it for years.

Jane Friedman: Jane has two blogs: Her personal blog and her Writers Digest blog, There Are No Rules–which you might remember that I guest posted on. If you’re interested in writing, the publishing industry, and all things new media related, then Jane’s got you covered.

That’s it for now. If you’d like to be featured on this page, and you actually have visited this blog, like, more than once, then visit my contact page and shoot me an email.

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  1. You’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check here for details….


    December 30, 2011
  2. Don´t forget Michael Parker blog. A Celebration of Reading.

    I find his through yours, and its really good. Your´s too.


    March 21, 2012
  3. Thanks so much for the inclusion and compliment! Blessings :)


    June 7, 2012
  4. I have been cheered up by your comments on the various books in your list, I confess I have not read more than 30% of them..Some of them are “not my cup of tea”.
    Being in the UK there are similar issues, we are being governed by” our betters” who wish to treat free thought and free speech as only for the deserving!(in whose eyes?)
    It has analogies to Health and Safety laws where unless an individual has actually experienced dangerous situations and taken the necessary precautions their awareness is very often, diminished.or they can be totally oblivious
    Books can carry a message or warning,, works of fiction frequently openly conceal ideas if they are reasonably well written into the plot and it is for us an individuals to censor where appropriate.
    Education should be a two way street , I observe where our language is serving as a promotes ignorance.
    “Our betters” are frequently more ignorant than us, viewing via a narrow window rather than venturing outdoors for an amazing vista.


    February 25, 2013
  5. What a great community! I’m looking forward to trying to visit everyone’s blog over the next month.
    Happy reading :)


    July 27, 2013
  6. You’re killing me. I just finished reading your blog… this is not conducive to thesis writing O_o

    Also: Mrs Dalloway, what a dud! I wonder why they decided to put some of these books on the list. When do they update it?


    March 11, 2014
  7. Such a brilliant site, I lose an hour everytime I click on!


    July 14, 2014

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