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101 Books Mailbag #2

Thanks to everyone who asked questions on Tuesday for this second version of the 101 Books Mailbag. I also pulled a few questions I didn’t get to last time to round it.

So let’s get our mailbag on!

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It’s Mailbag Time!

It’s mailbag time.

The first 101 Books mailbag back in December went fairly well, so let’s do it again!

Got a question for me—about the Time list, my blog, my blogging process, books in general, or how to grill a pretty freaking good steak? Then fire away in the comments.

I’ll take a bunch of your questions and answer them in Friday’s post.

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101 Books Mailbag #1

Welcome to the first edition of the 101 Books Mailbag!

On Monday, I asked you guys if you had any questions for me about books, blogging, writing, and so on–and you actually did! Who knew?

I didn’t get to all of the questions (I’ll save some for next time), but I did answer six of them.

So let’s mailbag it up.

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Introducing The 101 Books Mailbag!

I want to try something new today to kick off December.

Awhile back, I wrote a post in which you guys could ask me a bunch of questions about books, writing, blogging, my process, etc, and I answered your questions in the comments. The post, surprisingly, did well.

Me being the guy always looking for fresh content, I decided I could make that into a series of posts.

So, today, I’m introducing the 101 Books Mailbag.

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