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Kids! Cats! Reading!

I hate cats, but even I have to admit that this is pretty adorable.

Berks Animal Rescue League in Berks County, Pennsylvania has an afterschool program for kids in grades 1-8. These kids visit the shelter and can read books to sheltered cats. How cute!

The program helps the kids develop their reading skills while giving the cats some much-needed social time. The only problem I see here is finding books that know-it-all, smug cats haven’t already read.

In all seriousness, the program sounds great. A lot of home-school kids, autistic kids, and parents who want their kids more exposed to animals have taken advantage of it.

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Famous First Sentences Diagrammed

I must admit that I’m a bit of a grammar nerd…with one exception.

I loathe diagramming sentences. I think I missed that part of middle school English. Just the thought of diagramming sentences makes my eyes glaze over.

I get it. I understand the point. I just don’t enjoy the thought of doing them. In fact, I don’t even enjoy looking at the diagrams that someone else has done.

That is, unless you show me the diagrams of opening sentences from famous novels. Now that’s kind of interesting. Maybe just a little bit.

And the cool folks at Pop Chart Lab decided to take on that assignment and created an infographic that diagram 25 famous opening sentences.

A few of my favorites:

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This 6-Year-Old Wants To Raise $1 Million For His Sick Friend

Here’s a heart-warming way to start your week.

Dylan Siegel is 6-years-old. His best friend, Jonah Pournazarian, has an incurable, rare liver disease called Glyogen Storage Disease Type 1B.

Jonah’s liver can store sugar but can’t release it, which means he can have dangerously low blood sugar levels that could lead to seizures or death. His immune system is also compromised, meaning something like the flu or a stomach bug could kill him.

When Dylan found out about Jonah’s illness, he decided he wanted to do something to help. His dad offered to have a bake sale or open a lemonade stand. “He’s like ‘Don’t patronize me. I want to do something big,” Dylan’s dad told ABC News.

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You Know You Want Hemingway’s Hamburger Recipe

Yesterday, issues of race. Today, hamburgers.

That’s 101 Books for you, friends. You never know what might pop up on this blog.

The image below is Ernest Hemingway’s hamburger recipe, via the BBC and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library. Is it any surprise that Papa liked his burgers pink and juicy in the middle?

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Gandalf, Dumbledore, & Aslan Talk Twilight

I think they have a point.


gandalf facebook

Twilight fans, chill out. It’s all in good fun.

Source: Write Drunk. Edit Sober. 

A New Way To Edit Your Novel

If you don’t know McSweeney’s, you should, especially if you have a drier sense of humor.

A friend passed this hilarious article along to me last week.

Did you know you can edit your novel using math?

According to McSweeney’s, you absolutely can. Here’s several of examples:

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The 101 Books Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is two weeks from today. Did you read that….Christmas is two weeks from today!

OH CRAP. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO BUY? Who knew Christmas actually came on December 25 this year?

But don’t despair. 101 Books has some gift suggestions for you today, at least gift suggestions for the book lovers in your life.

So if you’re buying for any of these people, here are my suggestions:

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Girls Who Read: A Poem

Oh man.

I’m not much of a spoken word and poetry connoisseur. But this is pretty good.

Poet/Comedian Mark Grist came up with this clever poem to share his attraction to girls who read. [Note: A little salty language.]

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Help Gone Reading Make A Difference

Today, I want to tell you about Gone Reading.

Gone Reading is a nonprofit organization that sells cool bookish products and donates 100% of its after-tax profits to book-related charities.

I’ve never been great at math. But, by my estimation, 100% means ALL OF THE PROFITS. That’s making a difference.

I’ve partnered with Gone Reading for today’s post, and they are offering 101 Books readers a 25% discount off any order you make in their store. All you have to do is enter the discount code: 101books25.

A lot of the charitable organizations Gone Reading donates to—like READ Global, Ethopia Reads, and Biblioworks—help build libraries in underdeveloped countries. You can read their full mission statement over on their site.

To give you an idea of how you could use your discount, I’ve highlighted a few products below. Many, many more are available in their store.

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The Wacky World Of Amazon One-Star Book Reviews

Here’s a great way to spend time when you’re bored.

First, head on over to Amazon, pick a book, any book (maybe start with a classic), then click on the one-star reviews.

Second, read said one-star reviews.

Third, be entertained.

Some of these reviewers are hilarious. Other reviewers, well, it’s surprising that they can read at all. Still, others, they’re just weird.

To have a little fun, I looked through some of the one-star reviews of some well-known literary novels, and here’s what I found (HT to Johann at Book Riot for the inspiration.)

This one reviewer took issue with Harper Lee’s large font choices. This poor person doesn’t mean to be funny, but she’s funny nonetheless.

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