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The 101 Books 2014 Christmas Gift Guide

Last year’s 101 Books Christmas Gift Guide was a moderate success so let’s give it another go.

I try to get a little creative with these. Everybody knows about gift cards, bookmarks, and such, but what are some of the more unusual items you maybe haven’t thought about for the book lover in your life?

How about… Read more

The 2nd Annual Literary Trick Or Treat!

It’s that time of year when I bow down to the blogging gods who tell me to create seasonally-themed blog content.

Last year, I was hesitant before finally caving to their demands. And, today, I return to the scene of the crime.

It’s the 2nd Annual Literary Trick or Treat!

Your least favorite seasonal blog post returns, badder and worser than ever! Below, I’ve given 10 fairly popular opinions about books, literature, writing, blogging and the like. Then I’ll tell you whether or not I think said opinion is good (treat!) or bad (trick!). It’s wonderfully clever, isn’t it?

So let’s begin: Read more

Who Needs Pictures In Kids’ Books Anyway?

My 4 year old is going to love this book. In fact, I’m placing my order today.

What a great way to encourage kids to read. It’s goofy and immature, but these are kids! And they’re learning to read!

So what exactly is this book with no pictures? It’s a new kids’ book from BJ Novak, our favorite intern from The Office. 

It’s just freakin’ brilliant. But I’ve got to work on my voice inflection before I read it to my son.

Here’s a promotional video of Novak reading the kids book. Be warned: It’s pretty awesome!

You can order it on Amazon.  Read more

This 12 Year Old’s Essay Is Brilliant

This 12 year old kid gets it.

He just gets it.

Now go out and win today, just like this kid.  Read more

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…But What If You Couldn’t See It?

That question comes from the Tactile Picture Books Project, which is a fascinating, inspiring, and just downright brilliant use of technology.

What is it? Some researchers at the University of Colorado have created 3-D printed storybooks for visually impaired children. Think braille on steroids.

Images literally emerge from the page, formed into shapes of the objects within the book’s text. They allow visually impaired kids to get a better sense of the elements of a story, like landscapes.

Check out these examples from Goodnight Moon, which show the text and the braille, followed by the 3-D printed images:  Read more

10 Amazing Lord of the Rings Tattoos

One thing is true about Lord of the Rings fans: They really, really love the Lord of the Rings.

So much so that they get tattoos, big tattoos, beautiful tattoos, tattoos even better than the Great Gatsby tattoo in this post.

Jason, one of the editors on my team (not Brandon, the editor who guest-posted yesterday), has dedicated his entire left arm to Lord of the Rings tattoos. It’s impressive.

This is what it looks like. Read more

These Literature-Inspired Benches Are Unbelievable

I love it when people do creative things with classic literature.

That’s why I love sharing this stuff with you guys. Whether it’s Litographs (who design shirts with the text of classic books), or The Snake and Fawn (who makes pendants out of famous authors’ handwriting), I love seeing this kind of creative effort poured into exposing literature to more people.

Here’s another great example. Over in London, the National Literacy Trust has teamed with an organization called Wild at Art to create 50 public benches that give the impression of a folded paperback book. Each bench is dedicated to a different novel with roots in London, like 1984, Mary Poppins, Great Expectations and The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

These are the coolest, most beautiful benches ever, and artists like Rae Smith, Charlotte Brown and Ralph Steadman created them.

If you live in London, consider yourself lucky, and look for these benches over the next few months before they go to auction in October.

Here are some incredible examples of these book benches: Read more


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