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It was an April Fool’s Joke!

I learned a lesson recently.

I’m a web writer, so I’m very familiar with reading tendencies on the web. And one of them is simply this: Most people won’t read to the end of your article.

They just won’t. They’re busy. They’re moving. And you’re story is full of too many words with letters that go on and on and on in the form of sentences that take up the whole page. That kind of sucks, so people aren’t going to read all that nonsense.

I’ll put myself into that category. I don’t always finish reading articles on the web.

So when a bunch of people missed my April Fool’s Joke a couple of weeks ago, I shouldn’t be surprised. And I’m not.


Here’s What’s Next For 101 Books

This is it, friends.

I’ve been trying to figure out what I want do with this blog when the 101 Books project is over. That’s still probably two-ish years away, but it’s coming.

And, today, I’d like to announce where I’ve landed on that decision.

If you’ve followed the blog for a few years, the new direction might come as a surprise to you, but at least you have a while to let it marinate in your soul so you can, hopefully, continue on with me on this blog.

I’ve always had a passion for medieval literature. When all my friends had posters of Michael Jordan, I had one of Chaucer over my bed in high school. Medieval literature just gives me the happy itches, and I don’t even know what that means.

So here’s the list I’ll tackle after I’ve completed 101 Books.

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The Next 5 Novels Will Be…

Well I’ve done it. I’ve gone and picked up my copies of the next five novels I’ll be reading from the Time list.

Dare I say we’re getting close to the homestretch here? I’m currently working through my 69th novel, Possession. The numbers tell me that my next five novels after Possession will be 70 through 74.

You’ll notice that The Lord of the Rings is included in this batch. Yes, The Lord of the Rings. All of it. I’m estimating I’ll start that one in early June. So with its hefty length, The Lord of the Rings is just asking for some kind of summer read-along. I’ll oblige. More to come on that in the next few weeks.

So here are the next five novels that will likely take me well into summer, listed in no particular order.

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I Can’t Read Your Book

I can’t read your book.

At some point during the last year, I started getting a lot of book review requests.

I’m honored that people want me to read their novel and use my small platform to tell others about it. But here’s the thing: I don’t have the time.

And here’s the other thing: I don’t just review random books. I review books from a specific list that’s already been created. Your book ain’t on that list, I bet.

I’ve been asked to review memoirs, non-fictional biographies, and vampire-werewolf fiction. Not just once or twice, but dozens and dozens of times. I kid you not.


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What Happens When I’ve Read All 101 Books?

I get asked this question a lot, either by a commenter on the blog or someone I know: What am I going to do AFTER I finish the 101 Books?

Great question.

And it’s one I don’t quite know the answer to…yet.

I have a few ideas rolling around in my brain, with either new lists, self-created lists, and no list at all. Whatever the case, I’m pretty certain this blog will still exist and, hopefully, I won’t have run out of ideas by then.

As I mentioned in my preview post for 2014, I hope to have more definite plans on a book later this year. Whether that is through a traditional publisher or not has yet to be determined.

How that pans out could possibly determine the direction of the blog, but I don’t really know for sure. The only thing I do know for sure is that I enjoy writing about books, and, at the moment, I plan to keep on writing about books.

So when might I finish the 101 Books project?

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My Goals For 101 Books In 2014

What’s in store for 101 Books in 2014?

I honestly don’t know. But here’s my best guess.

As I begin 2014, I’m about to pass the two-thirds mark. With The Day of the Locust as my 66th book, that means I’m approaching the home stretch.

I definitely won’t wrap up this project in 2014, but I think I’ll be somewhere around book 85 at the end of the year. So that’s my first goal–simply reaching book 85 by the end of 2014.

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2013 In Review

Hello again, guys! Remember me?

This has been the longest break I’ve taken from blogging since I started this blog three-and-a-half years ago, but it was well worth it. I had some great vacation time with my family over the holidays.

Today, I thought I’d simply share with you the recap post that WordPress sends out to bloggers at the end of each year. A lot of cool stuff in here, especially if you’re into numbers.

If not, move along. I’ll be back with my regular bookish features tomorrow. But, if this stuff interests you, then take a look:

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The Top 10 Posts From 2013

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Today is my last post of 2013. I’ll be back posting live on January 6, which will make this my longest hiatus since I started 101 Books. But I think it will be worth it, plus no one really reads book blogs during Christmas anyway, right?

To cap off the year, I thought I’d take a look back at the top posts of 2013. You think that would be easy, right? But it’s something I struggle with because, when I say “top posts,” does that mean my favorite posts, your favorite posts, or just the posts with the highest traffic?

Usually, when I do this, I pick the posts that are my favorites. Today, though I’m just going to let the numbers do the talking.

Here are the top 10 NEW posts (in terms of page views) on 101 Books in 2013. I didn’t include posts from before this year that might have received higher traffic. These are NEW posts only:

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Giving Literary Thanks, Year 2

Last Thanksgiving, I told you about some literary-related things I’m thankful for. Tomorrow, Thanksgiving returns here in the United States, so let’s do it again!

In the world of book geekdom, literary nerdiness, and blogging in 2013, what am I thankful for? Or, for you grammarians who abide by outdated grammar rules—for what am I thankful?

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There’s a baby in my house, or at least there’s about to be.

As of this morning, my wife has either had our second child, or is about to.

With that, I’m taking the rest of the week off from blogging for family time. I could definitely throw a few posts up this week, but they would probably be riddled with errors, and I would have little time to read your comments and respond. So I’m not going to do that.

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