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20 Questions: Round 3

Today, 101 Books brings to you the third round of 20 Questions!

This is simple. I ask questions. 20 of them. Some are about books. Others are just for fun. You answer the questions in the comments. (Check out the first two rounds of 20 Questions here and here.)

My answers are in italics.

Let’s go.

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20 Questions: Round 2

We tried this before with pretty good results, so I thought I’d give it another go.

A lot of questions pop into my head over the course of a month–many of them with a literary focus. I try to capture some of them here. Some are legitimate questions and others are mainly nonsensical ramblings.

You can read Round 1 of 20 Questions here. This time, I thought I’d participate and answer my own questions–it’s an awkward self interview–before giving you the opportunity to answer the questions in the comments. My answers are in italics.

So here we go. 101 Books Presents 20 Questions: Round 2!

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20 Questions: Volume 1

You ever had an idea that sounded good in your head, and as soon as you put it out there in the public—maybe to just a friend or your spouse—you suddenly realize, Wow. That is just a terrible, awful, horrendous idea.

Ever had that happen?

Well, I’m hoping today isn’t one of those ideas for me. But I’m all in!

So here’s the deal, a few weeks ago, I published a post that was basically a bunch of my random thoughts from different things related to the first 40ish books I’ve read from the Time list. If you read the post, you know it was just a bunch of quick hit, short and sweet statements.

But I also included a bunch of questions in there—which eventually inspired what I’m doing today—simply asking a bunch of questions of which I don’t know the answer or am interested in your thoughts. Humor me.

Some of these questions are rhetorical. Some are direct.

If successful enough, I think I’ll turn it into a series like Your Search Questions Answered. And the cool thing about just making a post with a bunch of questions is that I can “field test” future content for the blog. The questions, and the quality and quantity of your answers, will help me find good topics to explore further.

So that’s today—the first edition/volume/part/installment of Twenty Questions here at 101 Books.

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